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PosMate Support

PosMate Installation Video

1. PIN pad does not turn on


Check PIN pad charger ‐ red light should come on when charging.

If not, try plugging PIN pad into a computer’s USB port.

If not then Depress ‘Reset button’ using sharp object on underside of the unit and wait for a full reset.


2. No Bluetooth connection


Try resetting the Bluetooth connection

Delete PIN pad from smartphone, and re‐install

If not then depress ‘Reset button’ using sharp object on underside of the unit and wait for a full reset.


3. PIN pad display shows an open padlock


Please call helpdesk. The security system on your PosMate Smart has been activated.


4. Transactions always decline


This will happen if there is insufficient mobile coverage. Check coverage on smartphone.


5. Can I swipe from right to left?


Yes the card swipe can be read from both directions. Left to right and right to left. Ensure the magstripe on the card is facing up.


6. What if a Referral message is displayed?


If a REFERRAL message is displayed the PosMate®Smart it is asking for authorisation from the Bank. You will need to call the Authorisation Centre to obtain an AUTHORISATION CODE


7. If I get a new SIM or a new handset, what do I do?


New handset – re-pair with PIN pad, reload app.

New SIM – install, initialise with Operator if necessary and establish access to mobile internet if not automatic.


8. What is the battery life of the PED device?


It’s a lithium battery, so life is determined by the number and depth of charge/discharge cycles. Usual life is 300-500 cycles which should equate to over 2 years.


9. Can this device be used by multiple users / shared device possible?


Technically it is possible for a single PED to be used by several employees, however they would each have to have the app loaded on their smartphones, and only one employee could use the device at a time.



10. What is my supervisor PIN? Can I change it? If so, how?


The supervisor PIN is a means of locking the PIN Pad to restrict access to change the pairing passcode. The supervisor PIN can be changed though this is not recommended, since if a new supervisor PIN is forgotten, the PIN Pad will have to be returned to manufacturer for resetting.


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